Meet Our Trainers


Ginny Turner

Ginny is the owner of CORE  with 18+ years experience as a personal trainer. She is an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist and a Precision Nutrition certified Nutrition Counselor. She is passionate about helping people change their lives through fitness.


Barb Hammond

Trainer. Athlete. Survivor.

A long-time resident of the Gunnison Valley, an American College of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer, a registered nurse, a wife, and mom, and a cancer survivor. After her life was touched by cancer, Barb has kept exercise and fitness a priority. Now an ACSM Cancer Exercise Trainer, she can help you maintain your strength and quality of life through this chapter in your life.


Andrea Schumacher

Andrea is a Schwin Certified spin instructor.  She has been in the valley for 16 years and loves inspiring and motivating people through fitness, particularly spinning.  Andrea’s spin classes are full of creative and challenging structure and uplifting play lists.


Hannah Smith

Hannah is a Crested Butte native who has been playing in the mountains her whole life. Whether it is summer or winter, rain or shine, you can find her outside, adventuring with a smile on her face. Hannah enjoys getting lost in a good book,  channeling her innate competitive nature on game night and hopes to one day become a professional corn chip taste tester.

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Megan Clark

Psc Pilates Apparatus, Physical Mind Institute Certified Mat Instructor + Barre Instructor

Megan is a Colorado native born in the mountains outside of Golden, went to college in Durango and has enjoyed her adult life in Crested Butte since 1996.  She grew up a gymnast and chasing four older brothers making it necessary to have a passion to be strong, flexible and mobile just to keep up.  While attending Fort Lewis College in Durango she played for the division II Woman’s soccer team then after graduating with an Exercise Science degree; emphasis on Athletic Training she took the head coach position for the Woman’s soccer team for two seasons.  

Megan loves the Crested Butte life because she enjoys the great outdoors:  trail running, hiking, mountain biking, riding horses, and most of all, raising her two amazing children here.  Pilates is her key to keeping all of these things in line.  Her husband owns and runs the local favorite restaurant The Slogar so there is always the need for Pilates!  Megan has been teaching Pilates mat for over 10 years and was first trained with the Physical Mind Institute in Denver, Co.  She is a certified PSC Pilates Apparatus instructor and teaches Barre.


Kaitlyn Archambault

Kaitlyn started taking spin classes while she was in high school during the off seasons of other sports and always loved the intensity of the workout mixed with good music. It wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she started road cycling and a few years after that discovered her passion for mountain biking. As mountain biking season is always too short in Kaitlyn’s mind, when presented with the opportunity to teach spin at CORE during the winter months, she was game! While she sees indoor spinning classes as gym fitness and separate from her love of outdoor cycling, Kaitlyn appreciates the similarities and the ability to keep cycling muscles strong. Spinning also feeds Kaitlyn’s secret desire to be a DJ and she loves choosing music to help keep classes upbeat, entertaining and physically challenging. Kaitlyn is a Spinning Certified Instructor.


Taylor Randoll

Taylor is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with five years experience and Behavior Change Specialist with three years experience. She is also a Certified Buti Yoga Instructor with one year experience and 10 years of dance training.


Janae Pritchet

Janae is an ACE certified fitness instructor with ten years of experience leading Crested Butte's ski conditioning classes.  Janae was a Division I swimmer who has competed professionally as a triathlete, freeskier, freerider, and mountain biker since living in Crested Butte.  She thrives on sharing her passion for fitness, athleticism, and the outdoors.


Cam Smith

Cam moved here as a wide-eyed flatlander. Luckily, adventures with his friends and older sister opened his eyes to all of the adventures possible here in the Gunnison Valley. In that time he found a love for endurance racing in skimo, trail running, and mountain biking. But he still spends most of his time outside of spandex enjoying the finer things in life. Like smelling the wildflowers or his weird habit of blowing kisses to views when he thinks they are pretty. 

He believes in diverse fitness and training to diverse demands of life. After all, living in CB is more enjoyable when someone can ask you to go for a run, ride, freeski, tour, etc. and you are always able to say yes. Indoor training at CORE is an essential foundation that allows us to be strong, capable, and confident in ALL of the activities available to us here in Crested Butte.