june 2018 - sept 2018


8:30am      level 2 & 3 circuit
11:30am     9-5er circuit


6am            sports circuit w/ hannah
8:30am     level 1 & 2 circuit w/ sarah
12pm          HVIT


6:15am      pilates mat w/ megan (all levels)
9am            yoga therapeutics w/ ashley
11:30am     9-5er circuit (L 2 & 3)


6am           sports circuit
8:30am     level 1 & 2 circuit


6:15am     pilates mat w/ megan (all levels)
8:30am    level 2 & 3 circuit
noon        tabata

*subject to change.


sign up at studio. minimum 3 ppl.

low back pain
(prices vary)

A class designed to improve the function of your back through preventative exercises, stretches and foam rolling and strengthening of the spine and it’s surrounding tissues. 

kettlebell advanced training
(prices vary)

Have a request for a workshop series?


customizes classes to perfectly suite your needs

private yoga with Ashley

private kettlebell with Amy

class descriptions

9-5er circuit (L1&2 / L2&3)  /  60 min

counter the effects of sitting at a desk - two classes are offered with different intensities

barre / 60 min / with Megan Clark

60 minute high energy, butt focused workout that is a total body toner and ends with pilates based ab work.

cardio latin dance!  /  60 min  /  with Daniella Runge

A heart pumping, fun workout to get your hips shaking.

CORE stability  /  30-40 min

Improve core strength + stability

HVIT /  45 min 

High Volume Interval Training is based on current research to improve endurance, burn fat and increase your fitness level.

kettlebell fundamentals  /  60 min  /  with Amy Nolan

Experience the difference between strength and power!  This is a fundamentals class that will focus on good body position, injury prevention, breathing technique and of course, having FUN! (This class will be held in the NEW Penthouse Studio on the 3rd floor)

level 1-2 circuit  /  60 min

Improve fitness, core strength + balance

level 2-3 circuit  /  60 min

High-intensity workout: improve performance, power + function

pilates mat  /  60 min  /  with Megan Clark

Basic mat workout to tone and build strength for all levels

sports based circuit  /  60 min  / 

High intensity circuit based on various sports movements including stick/racket sports, agility and power training.

tabata  /  45 min

short burst high-intensity efforts with short rest to improve mental toughness and burn fat.

yin yang circuit  /  60 min  /  with Jess & Ginny

HIIT circuit followed by 20 minutes of Makka Ho stretches from Japan to bring energy. Great for athletes - improve mental toughness and the body’s ability to recover from hard effort

yoga therapeutics for athletes  /  60 min  / with Ashley

60 min class focused on opening the connective tissue (fascia) and of the joints. Release patterns of holding that create pain in this passive yoga class.